Summer Specials

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Since my semester classes are coming to an end, I have started a summer TO DO list in order to fill my wonderful spare time. Well, almost spare time, I will be taking a few summer courses.
I am sure I will add plenty to the list as I think of them, but these were the first that come to mind.




There are so many craft projects I want to finish over the summer. Maybe I should make a separate list just for craft ideas. I am so excited to almost be finished with school. I can just create and thrift all summer long.


I love these retro hoodies from BeWakeful. She is truly talented in her sewing ability. I was thinking or trying to piece together something like this more my sis, but she may just get one of the originals.

(image taken from ETSY. find it here)






what would you like to accomplish this summer?

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  1. Picking veggies, typing actual letters, and roadtrips are all amazing ideas. My biggest goal for summer is to get more than 6 hours of sleep a night. I also want to play outside, ride my bike more, paint my office, and sew a new dress once a week. However, I will settle for the extra sleep if it is all I have time for.


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